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Desserts, Recipemates

Chocolate Pudding

Ingredients 1 liter of milk 200 ml cream 2 egg yolks 1.25 cups of sugar 3 tablespoons of starch 160 g of dark chocolate 2 tablespoons of cocoa 50 g white chocolate Instructions Stir milk, egg yolks, sugar and cocoa in a pot. In a different bowl, dissolve the starch in little water. Add into […]

Desserts, Recipemates

Sweet Pumpkin with Cloves

Ingredients 1 kg pumpkin 1.5 cups of sugar 4-5 cloves 1 cup coarse ground walnuts cream Instructions Spread big diced pumpkins in to the large pot. Add sugar and cloves. Wait approximately 2 or 3 hour for sugar dissolve and arising of the pumpkin’s juice. Cook over medium heat until pumpkins become soften and its […]